Policy Statement

Appropriate levels of privacy and confidentiality are maintained in the collection, disclosure and storage of consumers’ personal information.


Ability Housing will:

  1. Only collect and store information about the consumer that is directly relevant to effective service delivery and Ability Housing’s duty of care responsibilities.
  2. Advise the consumer and their family that Ability Housing needs to record and store information appropriate to the support that Ability Housing provides.
  3. Advise the consumer and their family of their right to access the information that Ability Housing keeps regarding the consumer.
  4. Direct all requests to access information from consumers and/or families to the Managing Director.
  5. Ensure that, when disclosing any personal information to another approved party, only relevant information is disclosed.
  6. Seek the written consent of the consumer or family prior to obtaining information from or releasing information or images to any other source.
  7. Ensure that personal information is stored securely.
  8. Ensure that only those Ability Housing employees who have a legitimate need to access the above information will be granted access.
  9. Ensure that Ability Housing holds a consumer’s personal information only as long as it is relevant to the delivery of effective services and Ability Housing’s duty of care obligations.
  10. Promptly investigate, remedy and document any consumer grievance regarding privacy, dignity or confidentiality in accordance with Ability Housing’s Policy on Complaints and Disputes.
  11. Ensure that consumers’ names or other identifying information is not displayed on whiteboards or notice boards that may be open to view by other consumers or the general public.
  12. Periodically review consumer files to ensure that personal information contained in them is still relevant.