Who We Are

Ability Housing is a ‘private social purpose’ organisation committed to creating enabling and accessible homes for people living with complex disabilities. Apartment  features and locations are carefully selected supporting individuals to pursue connected and fulfilling lives at home or within the community.

Through decades of lived and industry experience the management team of Ability Housing understand the challenges of living with complex disability. Fuelled by a passion and energy of our governing team we see the ‘habitates’ as becoming a benchmark for SDA living environments. Our apartments bring together specialised skill and design flair at desireable addresses for participants with or pursuing SDA eligibility. A balance of taste, your personal style and accessible functionality, get in touch with us today.

What We Do

Ability Housing acquires property in desirable locations for boutique SDA housing developments. All of our houses being developed are within 7km of the nearest city or 1km of regional centres, offering long term, well positioned secure housing for SDA eligible individuals or couples.


Step Requirement
1 Review and confirm your eligibility against the eligibility criteria
2 Register your Interest
3 Agree to ‘General Resident tenancy Obligations’
4 Your ROI application will be reviewed by our team and we will contact your directly to discuss your ROI in more detail
5 Be available to move in when homes become available