Ability Housings’ aim is to create accessible and enabling environments that support people living with a disability to achieving a connected and fulfilling life at home and within the community.

This aim has directed us to identify desirableness locations for boutique SDA housing developments within 7km of Perth or 1km of major regional centres. We aim to offer long term secure homes, where you can live as long as you desire.

Our accessible and ‘smart’ boutique homes are in connected, safe, urban communities ensuring you can create the home and lifestyle you desire.

Our governing team combines a unique professional skill mix and experience in disability services, healthcare, customer service and business management to SDA and accessible housing projects. This ensures we are a well-informed provider of specialised boutique housing with a deep understanding of the types of challenges that people living with complex disability can experience. We have a specific interest in providing a housing solution for younger people currently living in residential aged care and desiring a more appropriate home and community in which to live.

What is SDA

The NDIS through the Specialist Disability Accommodation (‘SDA’) scheme works with housing and infrastructure service providers to build accessible homes, optimising independence and quality of life for individuals with complex requirements related to their disability.

It is anticipated that that up to 28,000 people across Australia will require speciality disability accommodation, including more than 6,300 young Australians living in nursing homes not suited to their needs or choices.

Support Model Choices

Ability Housing promotes high-quality housing that enables independence and community inclusion. This can only be achieved through a combination of well-designed and located housing, and the right support in order to increase a person’s quality of life and independence. Ability Housing offers SDA participants choice of self-management or agency management.

We offer a range of apartments, houses and villas with 4 choices of onsite support including;

  1. Independent Living Options (ILO)- Creative and personalised support built around relationships and lifestyle choices that are most important to you are funded under the NDIS’ Independent Living Option program. It includes; living alone, co-residency and living together options
  2. Flexible Core Support – A planned regular service provider of your choice
  3. Supported Independent Living (SIL) – operates as a concierge model. One staff member is on-site at all times to be shared by the tenants and acts as a backup to the planned regular service provider of your choice.
  4. A combination of the above 3, such as flexible core supports during the day and SIL provision at night.

Support Staff

Our contemporary, purpose-built homes include your choice of access to our carefully selected SIL / support providers or your choice of support staff to ensure you receive the services you want, at the time you want, so you can pursue the life you want to live whilst at home or out and about in your local community.


Sites are selected to facilitate our vision of creating accessible homes that have meaningful connection to the local community, proximity to transport, restaurants and shops. Our platinum plus apartments and houses are designed to reflect the local neighborhood and provide stable, high quality long term accommodation.

For more information about locations, please see our projects page.

Our SDA Building & Design Options 

Ability Housing offers a choice of housing types across the range of accessibility design levels including; High Physical Support, Fully Accessible, Improved  Liveability and Robust options. refers to homes that meet NDIS design requirements for people living with complex support needs. They include many design features that support easier and safer living in the community, for example wider corridors and doorways, smart technology features and allowances for ceiling hoists and other types of equipment.

All of Ability Housings’ developments exceed these requirements, containing state-of-the-art design features for  Fully Accessible and High Physical Support homes as well as Liveable Housing Australia’s Platinum design level certification.

Who We Are

Our Networks and Friends

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